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Kayaking with your dog (Wed Jun 20, 2007)
Can you kayak with your dog? Find out your answers here!

Try-Outs Open for US Surf Kayaking Team (Mon Jan 8, 2007)
The U.S. West Surf Kayaking Association announced the dates and location of the 2007 Team Trial Event. The trial event will be held on Feb. 10 and 11, 2007 at Pico Creek State Beach in San Simeon, CA. Event registration and full details can be downloaded at www.active.com
Florida may require kayaking course (Wed Dec 20, 2006)
I would be interested to hear what our readers think about this article, please email us at kayakingtoday@gmail.com. I think that considering the amount of deaths I have seen this year all over the U.S., a course for safety would be a wonderful idea.
Sea Kayak Chesapeake Bay (Thu Dec 14, 2006)
This site has everything you need to know about sea kayaking the bay, from the basics of kayaking to the advanced. It also gives you sea adventure listings as well as land based adventure when you get tired and need to stretch your legs.
(Thu Nov 30, 2006)
Check out the kayaking only 20 minutes from the beautiful city of Vancouver. Vancouver’s North Shore has three waterways for prime winter whitewater kayaking: Lynn Creek and the Seymour River, on North Vancouver’s east side, and the Capilano. The weather never gets too cold in the Vancouver area, and the whitewater playgrounds do not freeze in the winter.
Northwest Woodsman (Wed Nov 8, 2006)
This is a great site, I really liked the music and the canoeing video. Beautiful scenery of the great Northwest. Discover the sights and sounds that only solitude in the wilds will bring.

Kayaking and Canoeing News

Eighty Foot falls for Kayakers in Salmon River
Chris Korbulic had spent all day to get to Final Falls and half his life to build the skills he needed to run the last in a series of big drops in the Salmon River Canyon and get a shot of a feeling he can't find anywhere else.

He knew right away in his gut he could run it. He was waiting for the others to get into position in the pool below, in case something went wrong, and memorizing the line he would paddle to get to the exact spot he needed to go over safely.

( Permalink: Eighty Foot falls for Kayakers in Salmon River      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Jun 26, 2007 )

Bear and Sleeping Whales on Kayaking Adventure
This is a great article about one mans exciting kayaking journey and the wild animals he met along the way.

( Permalink: Bear and Sleeping Whales on Kayaking Adventure      Submitted by Anonymous Mon Jul 24, 2006 )

Out There: A whopper of a kayak fishing tale
This is the story of one man who learned how to fish in a whole new way. Instead of the fishing boat he was used to he went fishing in a kayak.

( Permalink: Out There: A whopper of a kayak fishing tale      Submitted by Noel Fri Jul 14, 2006 )

Bluewater Kayaking is for everyone
This is an article on bluewater kayaking also known as sea kayaking. This article also includes source information for disabled paddlers. This article is well worth the read.

( Permalink: Bluewater Kayaking is for everyone      Submitted by Noel Wed Jun 21, 2006 )

Jackpine Bob Dies
We are saddened to report the death of a great artist, humorist, writer, and canoer. Bob Cary also known as Jackpine Bob died from cancer. His life was interesting and he loved canoeing.

( Permalink: Jackpine Bob Dies      Submitted by Noel Mon Jun 19, 2006 )

“Who’s Kirk Wipper?”
This is an interesting article in Kirk Wipper. Who is he? What is his role in Canoeing? Find out when you read this article on a man obsessed with owning canoes.

( Permalink: “Who’s Kirk Wipper?”      Submitted by Noel Mon Jun 19, 2006 )

Kayaking trails
Like biking trails for cyclists and hiking paths for backpackers, a handful of coastal kayak trails is offering ways for novice and expert paddlers alike to explore new territory, fish or just get lost on purpose.

The trails, offered now in a few states, include trail markers and maps keyed to Global Positioning Systems (GPS) waypoints.

( Permalink: Kayaking trails      Submitted by Anonymous Wed Jun 14, 2006 )

World's Longest Continuous Canoe Race
This looks tough! It is called the Texas Water Safari, it begins June 10th. Good luck to all the racers. I noticed that they have added new rules on safety and lifejacket penalties, what a good idea.

( Permalink: World's Longest Continuous Canoe Race      Submitted by Noel Thu Jun 8, 2006 )

How to choose the right kayak
Recently my husband and I wanted to purchase an inflatable kayak, mainly for ease of transporting. We have to other Hobie kayaks however I am not strong enough to put them on the car by myself. We found what we were looking for after much research. I hope this article on how to choose and buy a kayak will help you in your future purchases.

( Permalink: How to choose the right kayak      Submitted by Noel Thu Jun 1, 2006 )

Canoecopia 2007
This is a huge canoe and kayak expo and the next one will be in March 2007. Make your plans now to go see what's new and exciting.

( Permalink: Canoecopia 2007      Submitted by Noel Wed May 31, 2006 )

Surviving a capsize in your boat
If you are interested in being safe on the water, this is a great article. It tells you how to survive a capsize in your kayak or canoe. I encourage everyone to be safe on the water. In my research lately I have been reading about too many deaths because of lack of safety.

( Permalink: Surviving a capsize in your boat      Submitted by Noel Tue May 30, 2006 )

Stock Photos of Canoeing
These are some really beautiful stock photos of canoing. If your looking for some great photos of people canoeing and doing what they love here they are.

( Permalink: Stock Photos of Canoeing      Submitted by Noel Mon May 15, 2006 )

America Supports You, Wounded Soldiers kayak fundi
Boy Scouts, sorority groups, businessmen and veterans will come together for two fundraisers this spring to help a group of kayakers continue their river-borne rehabilitation effort for wounded troops. Team River Runner, now two years old, has found support for its rehabilitation mission from across the country. Other grassroots groups, such as "Yellow Ribbon Fund" and "Fisher House," have also lent their support to the effort. Many of those groups are members of "America Supports You," a Defense Department program highlighting grassroots and corporate support for America's troops and their families.

( Permalink: America Supports You, Wounded Soldiers kayak fundi      Submitted by Noel Mon May 15, 2006 )

Deaf Students Build Kayaks
What an incredible teaching strategy, make the kids love learning by gettting them out of the classroom and into the workshop. 6 kids from a deaf school, have worked on building a Greenland style kayak from start to finish. Read the story.

( Permalink: Deaf Students Build Kayaks      Submitted by Noel Thu May 11, 2006 )

Kayaking and World Records
Well this seems to be a trend, kayaking for a world record. Brandon Nelson is kayaking his way to a world record for 24 hour distance kayaking on flat water. He is also paddling to raise money for Whatcom Hospice Foundation in honor of his mother who died of ovarian cancer April 13th.

( Permalink: Kayaking and World Records      Submitted by Noel Mon May 8, 2006 )

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