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Kayaking with your dog (Wed Jun 20, 2007)
Can you kayak with your dog? Find out your answers here!

Try-Outs Open for US Surf Kayaking Team (Mon Jan 8, 2007)
The U.S. West Surf Kayaking Association announced the dates and location of the 2007 Team Trial Event. The trial event will be held on Feb. 10 and 11, 2007 at Pico Creek State Beach in San Simeon, CA. Event registration and full details can be downloaded at www.active.com
Florida may require kayaking course (Wed Dec 20, 2006)
I would be interested to hear what our readers think about this article, please email us at kayakingtoday@gmail.com. I think that considering the amount of deaths I have seen this year all over the U.S., a course for safety would be a wonderful idea.
Sea Kayak Chesapeake Bay (Thu Dec 14, 2006)
This site has everything you need to know about sea kayaking the bay, from the basics of kayaking to the advanced. It also gives you sea adventure listings as well as land based adventure when you get tired and need to stretch your legs.
(Thu Nov 30, 2006)
Check out the kayaking only 20 minutes from the beautiful city of Vancouver. Vancouverís North Shore has three waterways for prime winter whitewater kayaking: Lynn Creek and the Seymour River, on North Vancouverís east side, and the Capilano. The weather never gets too cold in the Vancouver area, and the whitewater playgrounds do not freeze in the winter.
Northwest Woodsman (Wed Nov 8, 2006)
This is a great site, I really liked the music and the canoeing video. Beautiful scenery of the great Northwest. Discover the sights and sounds that only solitude in the wilds will bring.

Kayaking and Canoeing News

Engraved Silence
"On Friday I drove down to Westmoreland State Park and after checking in to the cabin I headed off on a planned scouting trip. Westmoreland State Park is near George Washington's birthplace on the Potomac River, but my scouting trip was a bit west - On the Rappahannock River. The first stop was Wilmont Wharf, about 12-13 miles north/northwest of the park. It was as I remembered it - fair amount of parking, porta-potty - no one else there. Certainly on the 'to do' list. No signs disallowing a night paddle."

( Permalink: Engraved Silence      Submitted by Noel Fri Oct 1, 2004 )

183.0 Halibut Caught Kayak Fishing
"Ketchikan, Alaska - Howard McKim can best be described as one happy guy with his latest catch of a 183.0 pound halibut - in his kayak! McKim was kayak fishing around Vallenar Sunday when he caught this large halibut."

( Permalink: 183.0 Halibut Caught Kayak Fishing      Submitted by Noel Mon Sep 27, 2004 )

Out Among the Islands by Sailing Canoe
"I sailed in and landed by a small path. About a hundred feet up on the island was a park campsite, a tent site with wood chips, and a grille. I walked to the main dock and self-registered myself. The island was equipped with toilets, a water pump, a picnic shelter and information on the island and trails to walk the island. I got my supper and enjoyed the sunset over Howe Island and went for a swim. After breakfast I loaded up again and this time, I sailed west and then south into the open water west of Grindstone (see map). With a SSW wind, it was a close tack with a good sea running for about 4 miles sailing toward the New York shore past Grindstone Island on the left and Hickory Island on the right. I rounded Papoose Island and Club Point on the left."

( Permalink: Out Among the Islands by Sailing Canoe      Submitted by Noel Thu Sep 16, 2004 )

My Own Private Labrador
In June 2004, I made a quick trip up to Labrador. My goal was to spend about a week exploring a small portion of the southeast coast by kayak. It turned out to be a real white knuckle paddling adventure, the knid of trip that gives gray hairs and great memories in equal measure...

( Permalink: My Own Private Labrador      Submitted by David Whyte Sat Sep 11, 2004 )

Tangier Island Part 3 - Departing from History
"Tangier is about 11 miles from the nearest mainland - Crisfield MD about 11 miles away on the eastern shore as the crow flies. On the western shore lies Reedville VA about 14 miles away. I learned from the history book I had bought the day before that most of the history claimed on the island's historical marker is incorrect."

( Permalink: Tangier Island Part 3 - Departing from History      Submitted by Noel Sat Sep 11, 2004 )

Tangier Island Part 2 - Relaxing in Comfort
"As we gathered around getting ready I briefed the bad news - A hurricane is coming in to South Carolina and the next day it is expected to head north rapidly after making landfall. By noon it was expected to be over the Virginia/North Carolina border so I called off the paddle back to Crisfield the next day. We would all be taking the mail boat. Yvonne and Mark decided to paddle north in the creek back out to the harbor to circumnavigate the island. The rest of us paddled south to paddle out to the famous sandy 'hook' - a very large spit of land on the south end of the island."

( Permalink: Tangier Island Part 2 - Relaxing in Comfort      Submitted by Noel Fri Sep 10, 2004 )

Tangier Island Part 1 - The Arrival
"Great Point is separated by shallow water from Cedar Island. It was a rising tide and I decided to try and cut across the shallow water to save some paddling. We just cleared the shallowest water between the island and point and after checking to see if anyone needed to stop we headed for waypoint number two. Our second waypoint, Great Fox Island lay just 4 miles away. We were paddling against a slight current, as evidenced by the water moving past the crab pot buoys."

( Permalink: Tangier Island Part 1 - The Arrival      Submitted by Noel Tue Sep 7, 2004 )

Papua New Guinea and Trobriand Islands
"In 2003, I joined guides and other intrepid paddlers for two weeks of April paddling along coasts of the island nation of Papua New Guinea (PNG). What joy it was to finally step out of the jet into the soft light of a tropical dawn in magical PNG, to gleefully rip off my white SARS face mask, and to breathe deeply of fragrant humid air! Soon, our group was enjoying breakfast in an open air dining room, as the mists cleared to reveal nearby hills covered with tropical hardwoods."

( Permalink: Papua New Guinea and Trobriand Islands      Submitted by Noel Fri Aug 27, 2004 )

Sea Kayaking Along the Cretan Coast
"Avoiding rocks and trying to let the waves help us rather than batter us, we finally make it to a relatively flat area of reef about the size of a large formal dining table. At this point, Adam reaches us and he and Mike are able to start pumping and bailing out the pook. I'm given a job - keep Adam's kayak from washing away, but to let it go if the waves start to pull it away from me. I take to this task with eagerness, as his kayak is not filled with water and it seems to me to be a really good plan to have a water-free kayak handy."

( Permalink: Sea Kayaking Along the Cretan Coast      Submitted by Noel Thu Aug 12, 2004 )

Doing the Beaver Dam Shuffle
"OK. You're on your way down a river. There's a beaver dam ahead. What next? Should you wade? NO. The deepest part of a beaver pond is usually just upstream of the dam. So if you're planning on wading thereóforget it! (The muck at the bottom of beaver ponds in pretty smelly stuff, too. You've been warned.) Instead, step out onto the dam itself. If there's an active lodge nearby, the dam will be in good repair. Even a small dam will support you and your partner, along with your canoe. "

( Permalink: Doing the Beaver Dam Shuffle      Submitted by Noel Wed Aug 11, 2004 )

Paddling South Africa's Wild Waters
"To understand the prevailing mindset of the kayaking fraternity at the far end of Africa, you have to bear in mind that 12,000 sports-mad South Africans turn out to run or stumble their way between Durban and Pietermaritzburg in the grueling Comrades Marathon (around 85km). One year they run uphill, the next year down. Their more adventurous compatriots challenge each other to a paddling race between the two cities. And these days, the Dusi River Marathon attracts a field of more than 2,000."

( Permalink: Paddling South Africa's Wild Waters      Submitted by Noel Sat Aug 7, 2004 )

Mekong River Expedition Update
"We are pleased to announce that the Team has successfully navigated the most logistically and technically challenging section of the Mekong River, "The Mekong Gorges of Tibet and Northern Yunnan". The section was not without its delays and dramas yet with perseverance and determination we managed to overcome all obstacles. Besides encountering permit problems and having most photos destroyed in a life threatening swim down long rapids, we have also had technical difficulties in downloading digital photos while in China due to the outdated software available here. Nevertheless we would like to get this latest update out to you all just to let you know that we are still on the move and on track."

( Permalink: Mekong River Expedition Update      Submitted by Noel Thu Aug 5, 2004 )

"Back on the water we headed back out to the West River. Because the wind had picked up we kept closer to shore to angle slightly off the wind. At one point I paddled through a lot of clapotis which allowed me to compare the Explorer to the Sirocco in this type of water. The Explorer went through smoothly but it felt like I was mired in mud. In the Sirocco, I've often felt it could gain speed in clapotis."

( Permalink: Galesville      Submitted by Noel Wed Aug 4, 2004 )

Green Paint
"I kept some distance from shore as I passed the Possum Point power station, but quickly turned in to Quantico Creek. It had been a quick ride and I thought about exploring the creek, but the current would be changing in the next hour and a half and I didn't want to fight against the wind and the current all the way back. The Explorer handled the following seas very well and although I'm not yet totally comfortable in the boat, I'm getting there. I floated a bit while eating some trail mix. It will be a tough fight back. I spun the kayak around to head out of the creek. I paddled wide around the power plant. The waves have grown to 2 - 2 1/2 feet and the going is slow as I head directly into the wind and waves."

( Permalink: Green Paint      Submitted by Noel Tue Jul 27, 2004 )

My most excellent kayak adventure
"Out and around the first rock point, the swells get larger and white caps appear. My too-long boat now feels just right, riding the waves like a longboard. My destination is Hidden Beach, usually an easy paddle, but with the head wind, it's 10:30 before I pull up on the sand. I sit for a while as the wind picks up and real waves begin to crash on the shore. "

( Permalink: My most excellent kayak adventure      Submitted by Noel Mon Jul 26, 2004 )

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